Lisa Bayakly

Bring It On For CF 2023

Supporting our CF community

I am very fortunate to work with the CFWA team and support people living with or impacted by CF.    

CF impacts the individual and whole family.  Please support them with a donation to my page and share it with friends and family to help me reach my fundraising goal. Every donation will make a big impact.

Thank you for your support.


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My Updates

Old school fundraising!

Thursday 31st Aug

Race to the finish line

Thursday 31st Aug
Today our CFWA staff team is pushing towards our final targets - almost there ! 
We’ve an old school guess a jar and money board for $5 a turn in the Niche. 🤞

New target!

Monday 21st Aug
Thanks to everyone for their support! 
I’ve realised that if I raise $510 more, that’s $5000 raised over 3 years participation!!   Here’s hoping another 15/20 people are keen to help me get there!
That’s something worth aiming for, especially as I know $5000 would fill an essential gap to year end in hardship funds. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rowe Na

Go for it Lisa!


Lisa Bayakly


Ray Bayakly

Good Luck Lisa


Feliciano Sanchez

Don't trip Lisa. I won't say break a leg. That would be inappropriate. How about this - "knock yourself out Lisa"


Kristin Wareing

Next year I'll try join you Lisa! Enjoy!


Sharyn Arundell

Great initiative Lisa... Good Luck!!


Alan Piper


Justine Colyer

woohoo! Well done Lisa!


Sally Rose

All the best Lisa! Have a fabulous time! xx


Steve Mann

Good on you Lisa.



Such a cool experience! Well done! Don’t look down.



Great initiative ! Wish I could still do things like this.


Caroline Capes



Thanks for all the hard work, Lisa!


Catherine Santarelli

You go girl!!!!


Marie Young

Go lisa



Good luck and have fun!


Alex Mcvey

Good luck, Lisa!



Amazing work Lisa!


Ryan Bayakly



Congratulations on a great effort!