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For Cystic Fibrosis

How The Climb Works

By participating in the 2021 Bridge Climb, you are helping to make a big difference to the lives of children and adults living with cystic fibrosis in WA and helping us get closer to our vision of ‘Lives unaffected by CF’.

Our team are looking forward to supporting you throughout this event, so please get in touch via or 08 6457 7333 if you have any questions or would like to know more.

Event Details

Date: Sunday 12 September 2021
Session Times: Climbs between 8am and 2pm (you will be allocated a timeslot two weeks prior to the event)
Location: Matagarup Bridge (near Optus Stadium)
Cost: $60 registration fee pp
What’s included:
- Group warm up session prior to your climb
- Safety briefing and guided climb of Matagarup Bridge by Zip+Climb staff
- Resource pack with a t-shirt, fundraising toolkit and other goodies
- Catering and refreshments provided after your climb to celebrate
- Certificate of achievement


Each participant must raise a minimum of $500 each to climb.

Cystic Fibrosis WA relies on the generous support of fundraisers in the community to continue to provide essential services for the cystic fibrosis community and invest in vital research.

Each participant in the Bridge Climb will be required to raise a minimum of $500 fundraising to climb the bridge on the 12 of September. CFWA will support all fundraisers to achieve this target by providing plenty of resources, tips and encouragement in the lead up to the event.

How Your Support Helps


Could facilitate an education session for teachers of CF students


Could provide a week’s worth of care packs for patients staying in hospital


Could purchase a portable nebuliser for a person with CF to take daily medications


Could make a valuable contribution to a vital CF research project.

Do I have to fundraise?

Yes, all registered participants must raise a minimum of $500 prior to the event day to be able to climb the bridge for this event. Funds raised from this event will help CFWA continue to provide essential support services and fund vital research.

What if I don’t reach the fundraising target?

Our team are experienced in guiding supporters to raise funds and enjoy the experience. Our team will send you regular fundraising advice and plenty of resources to help you reach your target.

When registering for the Bring it on Bridge Climb, participants agree to meet the minimum fundraising target of $500 prior to Monday 6 September 2021. If the CFWA team does not feel a participant is making reasonable efforts to fundraise and/or the participant is not meeting fundraising milestones in the lead up to the event; at the discretion of the CFWA team the participant can be withdrawn from the event. We encourage participants to please get in touch at if you are having trouble with fundraising to discuss additional support.

When will I get to climb?

All the climbs will be held on Sunday 12 September. The climbs will run between 9am and 1pm and will be allocated by our team. You will be notified of your climb timeslot closer to the event.

Can I participate as a team?

Each participant will need to register and fundraise the minimum fundraising target as an individual. However, we welcome you to encourage friends, family and colleagues to participate with you. Contact our team on to discuss team participation further.

Bridge Climb FAQ’S

For FAQ’s specific to the climb please vist the Bridge Climb FAQs page. This includes dress code, physical requirements, what to bring, safety information etc.

Raising Awareness

Fundraising events are a great opportunity to increase awareness of cystic fibrosis (CF) in the wider community. Here is some information to share with your networks:

Cystic Fibrosis
• CF is a recessive, genetic condition which primarily affects the respiratory and digestive systems
• In people who have CF, mucus in the body becomes thick and sticky and builds up in organs such as the lungs and pancreas
• Treatment of CF can take between 1 to 4 hours a day and includes medications, physiotherapy, exercise and a high calorie diet
• People living with CF can be more susceptible to illness and infections, which can cause permanent lung damage

Key Facts
• Currently there is no cure for CF
• 1 in 25 Australians are carriers of the CF gene
• In Australia, a baby is born with CF every four days

Cystic Fibrosis WA
• CFWA us a not-for-profit that provides essential support services and funds vital research to improve the lives of children and adults living with CF in WA
• CFWA provide several essential support services, including community and health professional education, home and hospital care, counselling, subsidies and equipment gifts

Other Questions

Contact our team at or 08 6457 7333.